I’m all about getting rid of the bullshit in business. And at this time of year it’s rampant.  We witness “optional” company events, new specialized programs to kick off the New Year, and all sorts of employee perks to keep everyone on track and drive revenue generation.

There’s a silent agreement that gets created to go along and get along. No one really benefits. It seems every company has a program that everyone hates. Right up front, I’ll say: If you know your employees and consistently respond with recognition and support, we’d all be so much happier at work and our trust meter would always be very high.

Instead, companies develop new and different goals when they could simply stand on their values – if they’ve created them – to support a foundation for everything that happens under the companies’ umbrella.

When a company comes up with a new program everyone needs to get on board. It shifts an entire culture into change without much input or support. The company proposes what it wants and needs from its employees.

But a better way for a company to truly succeed is for it to focus on a values-based vision and sustain the vision year after year after year.

This year, I challenge companies to focus on a strong values-based vision and act on it from the top down and six ways from Sunday. Providing employees the opportunity to understand themselves better and develop successful management skills to lead others, will consequentially increase engagement and revenue.

I present this challenge because I think it’s the best way forward as our entire workplace changes. We are embarking on a period of time where work/life balance is significantly important, thousands of workers are remote, our skills gap is widening, and authenticity has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Since we spend so much of our precious time at work, and we know that employee engagement was less than 30% in 2014, work needs more fun, more energy, and more support. As four to five generations work together for the first time in forever the best way to grow, generate revenue, and lead, must begin with inclusion.

I’m unveiling programs to help companies accomplish this work. The ability to know ourselves better is the best way to create passion and purpose at work.

Become the leader you’ve always admired.

Authenticity is an Inside-Out job!!

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