When I was in college, my roommates and I dreamt about creating our own business. The company involved robots to help us get things done. At the time, I was an engineering student and they were in marketing and communications. We sat for hours over drinks, as we brainstormed the whole thing. Remember those days?

Even then we were feeling the pressure and excitement to accomplish something lucrative, but we had no idea how hard it would be to create it. Most of our planning and dreaming was centered on being our own boss and having the freedom, money, and success it would bring us as wives or mothers. We envisioned having it all.

That feeling never left me.

Many years later, as a wife and mother of two, I opened the doors to my first consulting firm. I’ve focused most of my life’s work around a concept that I would produce exceptional work while also being completely accessible as a Mom. It sounds so simple, but anyone who’s done it knows it is not easy. The directed focus never ends.

So may of us think that if their life looks perfect on the outside, all is well. Nice clothes, decent home, partner, fun activities don’t always tell the whole story. I call this Living in FaceBook.

A truly delightful life is so much deeper. So, how do you make sure that you live your life to its fullest? After raising children through divorce, I came back again to my dream of being my own boss.

I began to record what really worked and what I needed to ditch. Your RightLife will bring you experiences and connections better than you can imagine!

I never stopped my training for this dream of being my own boss. I experienced processes, tools and tactics that actually work – every single time – and that’s why I am so excited to guide you to your Right Life.

Each decade has delivered very important personal and professional lessons, and after 12 years in the corporate world, my solo-preneur coaching practice is no longer my side gig any longer.

Lucky for you, I have experimented on my own life before I use these particular RightLife coaching skills on you!

Clients come to me regularly with stories about how difficult their life can be, but they also have just as many stories about why they must stay stuck – even though it’s awful.

It may sound surprising, but it happens. And the toll it can take on you, your health, and your career is devastating. As I develop RightLife RuleBook™ my goal is to teach you the most valuable things you can do to create a life and a business you love – while saving you the time and money you’ll spend on course, after course, after course. This is all you need. I believe that because I’ve lived through it (a few times!).

But before we get there I need to instill why YOU, and creating your RightLife, are so important. I say, it’s time for a new approach.

You infuse your life with everything you are. Because really, YOU are the only thing you have and figuring out how to embrace your gifts and use them, is your life’s purpose. Pablo Picasso said:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away.”

Deep stuff, right?  It is. It has to be, because your life demands that you cut through the noise so that the life that’s been waiting for you can find you. It’s that important. So how do you open yourself up for that?

The scary thing is, as with all things important, it’s likely you’ll feel vulnerable. Once you begin to put in the work, others will notice the good thing you’ve got going on. Some of them, not willing to put in the hard work themselves, will tell you your dreams are not possible.

But I’m here to tell you it’s all possible – and it’s the only thing you must do!

In Module One, You Are Here, we’ll observe your life with YOU as its center. We’ll work through those places you’ve searched for something better, we’ll look at your passions and we’ll explore what your purpose might be. It’s time to step into your life.

Do you realize it takes more of your time and energy to deal with the negative issues that plague you? Perhaps the most detrimental result of not making changes is that the years pass, no matter what you do, and the negative effects get compounded.

All the work you’ve put in so far… Don’t let it be wasted. I would never ask you to do that!

RightLife RuleBook™ is here to teach you how to uncover your gifts; while it guides you through a strategic plan for your life. It includes budgeting and finance worksheets, understanding your own personal level of confidence, and making bold moves that serve your life and all that that entails.

Let’s create your one precious RightLife once and for all.

In the next email, I’ll tell you the most important step you can take to grab your life by the horns!

Until next time,