When I say, “shit just got real” I’m not talking about the recent federal indictments for conspiracies against the United States. (Though that’s pretty real!)
As I view the world from my perspective, I see a whole lot of chaos. My Coaching World lens tells me there’s a Major shift happening (yes, capital “M” major!). Our Earth, this beautiful place where we all live, feels to me like it’s shedding skin after skin after skin. We are watching a cycle of change, and the release of a lot of negativity. It’s only the beginning. The cycle of change is a process that can get very chaotic before everything nestles into a new configuration.
People, families, organizations and populations all experience the same pattern of change. We can never know how long the process will take, and sometimes we don’t even recognize we are in the cycle until it’s over. That’s why hindsight is always 20/20! And that’s why we can say, “things happen for reason” when we don’t know what the reason is yet.
So here we are, at the beginning of a Major change process. Neuroscience tells us that when change occurs we are forever in search of threats and protection. (Notice anyone lashing out, lately?) Our search for information is heightened significantly until we understand where we are within the change cycle. It’s a cool and predictable cycle that can be managed when we know what to do.
At this early stage, stillness and gratitude are called for.
This doesn’t mean doing nothing. It means making choices and taking actions based upon the feelings we want to have in our lives. As I write this it sounds so simple, everyone knows they want to feel good. But in my own life and in my coaching work I know it isn’t that simple. We want what we want when we want it, just like a needy baby, until we regroup into stillness and gratitude and realize we really want things like security, love, clarity, support, serenity, empowerment or peace – just to get you started.
Your answers to these questions can inspire your actions:
What would be the most peaceful and loving thing I can do for myself?
What three things am I grateful for – right now?
In the midst of chaos, regrouping around those questions can become our compass. Think of it this way: if we aren’t pursuing what we really want, who or what are we actually serving?

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