Maybe you’ve heard the Zig Ziglar quote, “Remember the only success some people get is taking a bite out of you.”

Or you’ve probably heard “Take a bite out of life.” Which is completely the opposite.

Well, when I say “I ate the whole cookie,” I mean I ate an actual cookie and while I was eating it, I had no idea it was going to change my perspective on almost everything I have been doing so far. You know the type, right? The cookie that looks so amazingly delicious that you must have it all without regard to what it might do to you. Will ten give you a stomachache, bring you joy or send you into deep slumber?

Here’s what happened…

Think of a time in your life when it could all fall apart, or gracefully bloom and blend together into a new form of wildflower. This is the moment. Nothing to lose, everything to gain and the choice is yours.

I began thinking I “shouldn’t” be eating this cookie. I just spent a full week in vacation mode, eating and drinking whatever I wanted. It’s wrong. I need greens and detox more than anything. My brain began the replay all the usual negative stories I’ve learned. The thousands of limiting beliefs that hold me, and all of us back. Especially women, especially around food. It sucks.

Then I moved to the other extreme: “I deserve this, damn it.” I just spent a whole week with my dimmer switch on high, hoping to be accepted. It’s exhausting. So why not have this awesome cookie? Damn, I’m adding ice cream too!

I sat wishing I could be the type of person that didn’t feel so deeply. I want to be the type of person who can brush things off. I’m just not.

And that’s when it hit me: Module Three of my RightLife RuleBook course!

Over and over in RightLife RuleBook, I say

“… the life you have now is a reflection of everything you’ve done so far; so whatever you do from this point forward, creates the life you want.”

If we want something more, we don’t need to limit ourselves; we don’t need to compromise. Why would we ever do that?!

I began imagining my Future Self. A concept Gloria Steinem outlines in her book, Revolution From Within. As I savored the cookie (and the ice cream too!) and imagined her and created and dreamed into my vision who I would be – yet again! It’s a superb practice if you’ve never tried this.

In Module Three, Time to Get Real, I focus on creating your own personal project of self-honesty. No one else needs to be involved. And so I say this to both of us:

·       You get to decide what and whom you’ll be dedicated to.

·       You move forward on something you want, not what someone else wants for you.

·       You must take counsel with yourself; and for god’s sake, cut yourself some slack.

·       You must open up to your own level of personal investment, in your own time.

Nona Jordan, a dear friend, esteemed Martha Beck Master Coach and leader of The School for Sacred Practice, reminds us that, “any change made in your mind, or even on an emotional or energetic level, doesn’t do much good unless it translates into a change in how we show up in the world.”

For some reason, eating that cookie brought my entire attention to my inner world and my desires. Yes, the cookie was that good!

So, eat your cookie, or your ice cream, or savor whatever you desire without regret!  Follow your Future Self forward and take a big giant bite out of your one precious life.