Last week I ended a six-week web advertising campaign for RightLife RuleBook. It’s been a demanding process. But it doesn’t have to be.

The creation process of RightLife RuleBook [RLRB] on the other hand has been very rewarding. Building a digital coaching program delivered directly to anyone who wants it, is a great way to holistically gather my experience in business, coaching, yoga and mindfulness and convey it to clients with one click. AND I’ve learned so many new skills!

As with RightLife RuleBook, my purpose is and will always be to help individuals and businesses grow into their highest expression, and that means me too. [Read more posts about this here.]

It was time to take the next leap, begin a new experiment, and try a new tactic: a web-based advertising roll-out for RLRB.

But last week was rough. I hired someone highly recommended. I did the proper vetting, explained my newbie role in this venture and asked to be clearly directed about what was needed from me.

I know enough to know I didn’t know much about this. But I also know that when the right partners and people come together with the same goal, it can be a beautiful thing. Understanding where the knowledge gaps are is critical.

Yes and yes. I needed this gap filled, so I willingly moved to expand the progress of RLRB sales and more importantly, to expand my overall business. [Cause I got some Airstream dreams I’m workin’ on, too!]

For me, growth and learning will always be a component of any brandy-new risk. This post isn’t about slamming anyone; it’s about what worked for me and what didn’t, and the wisdom I gained from knowing when to stop investing.

So what went wrong? I knew we needed to end our business together. But I wanted the learning I hadn’t yet received. (One of my top values is Love of Learning.) Here’s what I gleaned from my latest month-long experiment:

  • I needed to acknowledge and value my own capabilities. The money coming in for RLRB is from separate marketing and sales that I am conducting. No money was made through this investment.
  • I was willing to remain open and persevere in the face of some major fear, while still protecting my work product. Realistically, it felt more like I was in a poorly executed fencing match. I was in the dark most of the time. And, oh boy, I reeeally hate that!
  • I was also willing to adhere to “expert” advice and wait out the results. This is part of being a good experimenter, I think.
  • I learned I could approach this with “don’t-know mind” and feel like a 15-year-old at my first job. But I didn’t feel 100% ME, and that’s going to change.
  • Clearly stating my position, and explaining what I need was important. One of my most favorite poems by Rumi says, “You must ask for what you want, don’t go back to sleep.” I like that I can do that and let the chips fall where they may. This takes lots of mindfulness around standing silently in Mountain Pose, then being able to observe words and action. There’s always the possibility that it just doesn’t work out, and that’s ok.
  • I realized taking responsibility for mistakes is important for so many reasons. She would take no responsibility – none. She interrupted me so often; I began to tally how many times. It was nine. There would be no reciprocated thoughts, words or actions to observe.
  • Doing what other people tell me to do is reeeally hard for me. So being the CEO of LG Coaching is key. I get to call the shots. I need to remember that!

And most importantly, choosing people over project is something I learned a LONG time ago, and yet I put that learning aside. Now I will be more aware of that in my next decision-making process.

I work with companies every day on taking risks and making mistakes, taking responsibility and learning, and continuing to show up fully for their customers and employees. This adjustment takes time.

But ultimately, the process brought me into a new level of mastery around my own business.

Live and learn. Fail fast. Fly forward.

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