I’ve been having a lot of fun with clients who are in the midst of making big decisions.

My focus is always to get them to integrate practices into their lives and gain the confidence they need so that they’re willing and able to do what needs to be done and to show up in their lives, in their own way, with their own shining brilliance.

This process inevitably explores previous decisions from a number of angles and options, and – since I am always the guinea pig in the process – it’s a much better refined process!!

Now, you must remember that making a decision creates an action – period! The WAY you move through your decision will make it easy or hard.

In Module Four: The Kiddy Pool vs. The Ocean, we learn the entire process and then take action upon our decisions. I call this module the kiddy pool versus the ocean because in the kiddy pool you’re safe, you know your way around, you see your edges, it’s shallow and it has very specific boundaries. It’s safe.

If you’re feeling like the kiddy pool is a little too confining for you or you’re getting that “Is this all there is??” feeling, then it’s probably time for you to jump into the wide, vast and deep ocean.

The ocean represents all possibilities that are available to us. So, you decide, where do you want to play? And if you choose the ocean – let’s go!

I have learned, as a veteran of some major life changes that in hindsight nobody really cares about your life as much as you think they do. So, when you think, “Everybody’s going to think I’m crazy!” It’s probably not true…

Done. Good. Let’s move on…

When you do what you want – because you just want to live YOUR life – then you’ll learn, “YES! I can make the right moves.”

Because you control where your attention goes.

And it’s very important to value what you give your time and attention to.

Sometimes in coaching it’s WAY more about taking things OUT of your life, than it is about bringing new things IN to your life. By removing those difficult pieces, you create space for a better-aligned gift to enter.

So, Where do you want to play? The Kiddie Pool or The Ocean??

Moving into the ocean is scary and exciting! I like to think about decision-making as an initiation.

In many cultures, young adults go through a challenging process – an initiation – that takes them from a being child to becoming an adult in their community.

This new “adult” way of being also brings more responsibilities and more benefits. They embrace this challenge because it gives them courage, confidence and respect – all focused on moving into a new and exciting way of being.

The concept of initiation helps you side-step the negative thoughts like, “Change is complicated,” or “This is going to be too hard for me.” When you approach a big decision as an initiation and embrace the challenge, you too will gain courage, confidence and respect!

Begin by choosing one small thing you’d like to change.

Today, since we’re only using one of the RightLife RuleBook tools, let’s use my favorite. It makes people laugh while they explore and create a best-case scenario for their future.

I initially learned about this from Jeanette Maw at Good Vibe University. The reason I love it so much is because big decisions usually make us so darn serious and deeply thoughtful. This practice is pure and serious fun. It gets our thinking mind to work hard and shift us into the very best spot possible, and then we have to communicate that spot too!

For example, if you have a boss, who treats you poorly, and you really dislike working with him or her… You want to answer: “Where do I want to be on the other side of the decision?”

If you decide to leave your job; then you’ll think up the MOST positive way that happens. You may even decide on the date, or work through your resignation script!

You might include how you’ll celebrate when you walk out the door…

And here’s the tool: SAY IT. SAY your preferred decision as if it already happened – details and all! Here goes:

“Holy crap! I just gave my boss my two weeks notice and we sat down and reviewed all the things I would begin to hand off. Then she asked me what I was going to do and I told her I’m taking two months off to travel. Ya know what she said?!

She said she wished she’d done that a long time ago and maybe she wouldn’t be so grumpy all the time. I told her, ‘There’s still time!!’ And we laughed. She said she’d support me in any way she could. WOW! That was a lot easier than I expected!”


When you make a commitment and engage in actions that support your dreams – the sky’s the limit.

That’s what I want for you. You are always stepping through an initiation process into a new way of being.

Stay with the vision you created for yourself. Stay submerged in the vision of your ocean of possibilities.

If you get anything from RightLife RuleBook it’s: Do not settle!

Your life is too precious.