Today I’m writing directly to you. I want to tell you a personal story about my journey to becoming a Coach and a Yoga Instructor. We are raised to believe that there’s a way “life” gets done. It usually means going to school, getting a degree, and working hard for many years so that we can finally enjoy our lives in retirement. That track becomes our identity. It becomes who we are, though we know it’s not reeeeally who we are.

In the interest of being truthful, authentic and open, I’ll preface this story by telling you I am launching a new product called  Passion Forward and this story is why I am doing that. You might stop reading at this point, and that’s ok. But if you’ve ever thought, “everything will be perfect when ‘X’ happens” and then you realize it’s come and gone a hundred times, I get it; life happens.

A good life is busy and full, and most of us want to do right by our families, our children, and our communities. But sometimes that attentiveness doesn’t allow us to do what we came for. Passion Forward is going to walk you down a path that will place you smack-dab in the center of your own life, while still doing right by all those beloveds.

I’ll bet you’re thinking that I’m about to tell you to quit your job and travel to exotic places, retire early, trust the universe, find the next perfect partner, or move away, but you’d be wrong – and if anything in that list sparked a  hope that I would actually tell you that… well, then you really need Passion Forward because that’s pretty telling in itself!

So here’s the deal. A decade ago someone called me a “junkyard dog” which apparently was a good thing when becoming a coach. It meant I had a ton of different life experiences and I could better serve my clients because of them. Well, that was true, but… how does a junkyard dog make money?

Then, a few months ago someone told me how cool it was that I actually stayed on a solid life track, you know, the “TRACK.” It didn’t feel to me like that AT ALL. Ninety-nine percent of what I accomplished was in response to raising my children the best way I knew how.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”   Mary Oliver

My path (in a tiny nutshell!) went from wanting to be a teacher to finally becoming a Teacher of Change and of Yoga. That only took a lifetime of experiencing change, studying change cycles, and reading a ton about how our brains process change; along with a college degree, 30-something different jobs, and certifications! Now I totally know exactly what to do! (That’s a joke! btw) Now, I am actually a speaker and teacher of growth, change, transformation and leadership. Everything I do is in direct service to that purpose.

I developed Passion Forward because I’m one of those people who constantly refine my route to purpose. I developed it because I know how hard it is to change your life all by yourself. I know that when you make a plan, the presence of a trusted advisor or supportive community can make or break you. I know the fear too. I know that awareness of your finances is a big deal.

On the other hand, I also know the intense feelings of joy and achievement. I know how to work with the fear and find courage. I know the delight of engaging with purpose. And I know that every single one of my clients – without regard to position, age, or income – is seeking the same thing. How do we combine what we know and what we want, to create a profession that allows us to operate at full potential with passion and purpose? Passion Forward can be your guide.

As each Passion Forward module unfolds, it builds upon the previous one. You’ll explore your own passions and purpose. You’ll get honest with what you really, really want; and you’ll actually create a plan (and a budget) to get there! No joke! There is no secret to any of this.

Now, one thing I know for sure – because I’ve done this work for a long time – is that the hardest part is dealing with your own fears. Plain and simple. So finding your courage is included in Passion Forward!

Again, there is no secret. Every single choice we make will either energize or drain us. When we use the extraordinary energy that comes from joy to fuel ourselves, the sky’s the limit.

Passion Forward is a self-guided online course delivering my best selling coaching program in video modules with worksheets to create a profession with passion, power & purpose! You’ll be able to move along at your own pace, and you’ll have an option to buy coaching with me when you’re done.

No matter what stage of career or life you are at, if you’re thinking about the next chapter, Passion Forward will guide you.

Passion Forward officially launches on September 1.

But wait! There’s more!! (lol, I couldn’t help myself!)

Passion Forward is available with significantly discounted pricing until July 1.

You’ll receive:
A survey so you can chime in on what YOU want as the courses are being finalized;
Participation in the Passion Forward FaceBook group to meet and support others, and get the support you need;
The option to purchase a significantly discounted coaching package to keep you focused.
Passion Forward will teach you how to plan your next move, and your next, and your next!

It will help you decide whether to stay or leave – your job, your relationship, whatever…

It will explore your financial risk tolerance and budget so you can do what you want!
But most importantly, it will leave you with the confidence, control and freedom you want to live your life YOUR way.

Now let’s take your Passion Forward!   There comes a time when you must take your Passion Forward. Check it out…

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