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Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

You’ve achieved all the celebrated milestones: Good grades, college degree, and a well-paying job. You’ve found a great partner, maybe started a family. But somewhere along the way I was making myself smaller so others could feel proud. Something’s gotta give. I’m not who I used to be. It doesn’t feel like I’m on the right path. But how do I begin to step forward?

RightLife RuleBook is geared to teach you how to get to where you really and truly want to be.

Have you lost the joy of your achievements?

Your company’s happy. Your family’s proud of you. You’ve got this nailed! But you’re working like a dog to find your balance and adding a wellness or exercise program, or more appointments isn’t going to cut it. How do you begin to use your intellect and serve your heart’s desire, and get you where YOU want to be?

RightLife RuleBook will teach you how to get rid of what’s not working, to make room for more of what is!

The tension in this relationship is unbearable!

You don’t want a roommate, you want a partner. But if you ditch what’s not working, then what? Who’s left? Will everyone think I’m crazy if I walk away? How do i decide what’s right for me? Figuring out what you need is scary, but right now it all feels so crappy and mediocre. Decide what kind of life you want, and work from there. This liminal space can’t continue…

Only YOU can create the best YOU possible. It’s time to find your Right Life once and for all.

“Lori’s enthusiasm for challenges, and intellect for solving them, are traits I saw each time we met, first and foremost. People follow her because they know as a leader she cares deeply about their future.”


Small Business Entrepreneur, Boston, MA

I need reprogramming! How can I figure out my first step?

I want you to find your RightLife

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The 6 Modules of RightLife RuleBook

Module #1: Understanding My Passions and Purpose

It’s time to become your own hero. When you’re honest with yourself about what YOU want, it’ll become easy to make your plan for yourself. Learning about the clues that surround you is a key to your actions.


You’ll receive three solid tools to uncover your passions and your purpose. They will clarify what really lights you up! And we’ll work through the important feelings that will inevitably come up  when your actions reflect your purposeful Self.

Module #2: Finding the Courage to Leap Through My Fear

Your limiting beliefs and fear will keep you right where you are. We’ll learn why this happens, and what exercises you can practice to move into freedom. Courage is the ability to feel the fear and  move forward anyway – knowing you’re safe.



You’ll receive three specific tools that allow you to experiment with new ideas, open your eyes, proving that there’s lots of science behind the strategy! Fear will never go away, but you can slide it to the side as you leap to courage.

Module #3: Getting Clear & Centered With My Truth

It’s time to get to the truth of the matter – with yourself and your world. It’s time to take counsel with yourself because only you know what you want. The most important internal step for your lifetime of freedom!



You’ll receive visualizations to help you commit to your future. It’s time to bring your precious internal guidance forward. Figuring out what ONLY YOU truly wants is the whole reason you’re here, right?!  I wonder what you’ll leanr.

Module #4: Making Decisions That Really Matter

Decision making can be tough! And once you decide, your whole world may change! This is your first action action in a world you are choosing; and you are totally ready.



This Module delivers tools you can use every time you need to make a tough decision. You’ll know: What you are committed to? What your priorities are? Where extra courage is needed? And what’s your first step?

Module #5: How Much Money Do I Need to Create Change?

No good plan happens without a budget. As you chart a new course, your money matters! We’ll begin with your mindset: scarcity or abundance? You’ll work on budget sheets to understand exactly how much money you need every month to securely begin your journey! You will understand your finances, and what options you have. You’ll learn about your personal preference for risk, what freaks you out, and what seems AOK.



This IS NOT about getting you to quit a job and become a millionaire entrepreneur!

It’s about creating a life YOU want!


Module #6: A Checklist for Sustainable Change*

Maintain positive change! We’ll review the tools within the previous modules and review each lesson. You’ll master your practices here. Though it’s much better to deeply understand the tools within the other modules first.



We’ll work through checkpoints. You’ll plan your course, one step at time. Taking action is an ongoing practice! The key is to come back time and time again.

*This Module is most effective if all other Modules have been completed.

Modules #1-6

Save $99 when you purchase all 6 modules together!

It’s time to uncover your gifts and create your RightLife.

We’ll gather up everything you have to offer this world – Passion, Intellect, Spirituality, Training, Education, Power, and Desire – and create the life you always knew was possible. It’s time to begin your RightLife for real!​

Your Facilitator

Welcome! I am Lori Giuttari, President of LG Coaching. I am a Certified Master Life Coach; and for almost 30 years, I have guided individuals and organizations through the challenges of constant change. I’ve been through those challenges myself, too! Moving, divorce, health scares, quitting a job, starting a business; there’s no doubt our lives are complicated!

I know the fear, I know the worry, and I know it is TOTALLY WORTH IT to create your Right Life. Clients tell me all the time, “Why did I wait so long?!”  And that’s why I created this course. What are you waiting for?

I was born in Colombia, SA, and have enjoyed working with teams in over 15 countries, first as a consultant, then as a global director for a Fortune 500, and now as a Coach. I know your potential and purpose are sitting on the bench waiting to be called in the game, so let’s get to it.

Being proactive is so much easier!

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver