Jake was a great client. Young, energetic, ready for anything. Except he declined every single solitary prompting about options he could take to better his life.

He had always been active and involved in sports, but found himself sitting, more like chained, at a desk all day and was going stir crazy. He went to work every day, sat at his computer and went home each night. His brain was fried, his body wasn’t, but he dropped down on the couch and woke up to do it again. After a few years of this he was completely bored and ready to quit.

As we went through his real loves, sports and kids kept coming up. He had spent most summers of his younger life playing sports, coaching, being a camp counselor, and even in college he worked with the local sports programs assistant coaching.

He ended up at his desk on a computer all day because he believed all the things he was told. That he wouldn’t find a job in the sports world, he’s not a good enough athlete, it’s too hard to develop a camp, and on and on and on, so that every time I suggested little steps toward something new he would repeat his strongly held beliefs:

“There are no jobs in the sports world, especially now! There are no jobs anywhere!”
“I have no funding to start anything, I’m living week to week.”
“Everyone’s gonna think I’m nuts if I quit. Who would support this?”
“My friends in sports won’t help me.”
…and then this…
“I’m too short to do anything else.” Seriously? I asked, “Did you just say: I’m too short?”
Well, now I’ve heard everything!

The belief that made it supremely impossible to do anything different was his height!? Something he could not possibly change. It sealed the deal (for him) that there is absolutely no hope for him. His life was doomed to being shackled to a desk. Oh my goodness! I laughed.

We played a little game listing all the successful short people in the sports world. He knew most of them off the top of his head which told me he had already thought through this. But it was a fun homework project for him to continue and it finally broke the ice.

The point being, when your motivation to move is gone, your days will suck the life out of you. A little RESEARCH IS THE PERFECT FIRST STEP TOWARD SOMETHING NEW!

What belief can you dispel with a little research today?

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