Are you incorporating ALL OF YOU into your life? The masculine AND the feminine? Think about which parts of you are being held back because – for example – for me, as a woman, I used to think there was a particular way a woman SHOULD show up.

My strength, outspokenness and determination were NOT part of that equation. I realized that to truly incorporate all of me didn’t mean I was a bitch or hostile, or that I wasn’t a good and loving person. It just meant I was taking action  with all of who I am – a strong, outspoken and determined woman. Those that couldn’t hear me, well, it wasn’t my business to shout anymore.

Male or female – I’m sure you can imagine what those pieces are for you. What have you learned about this integration in your life? I recently made this inquiry with my FaceBook family and the responses demonstrated that there is a bottom line of peace and freedom that comes with this practice. Here are some of the things both men and women said about integrating:

  • More self assuredness and expressing it without feeling boastful
  • Dropping the constricting social expectations
  • Finding fearlessness in expressing vulnerability
  • Defining my own fullness as I define it, not as anyone else does
  • Way less second-guessing
  • Finally being free of shame and finding people who could hear my truth

This quick and deep conversation tells me we are ripe for this work; and we all want to have a full experience here on Earth.

For men, I think the struggle is being able to show the wide range of emotions that every single human being has. Just because someone is a man or a woman, doesn’t mean there are limitations for your range of feelings or your actions.

So, what are the pieces of you that you consider masculine or feminine? In Module Six of RightLife RuleBook, we rate ourselves on our progress with each of the eighteen tools delivered in the course. Your rating on this particular segment is about your level of integration.

“I can easily integrate myself and use ALL of me.”

A rating of 5 means you’re feeling pretty darn integrated! The closer you move to 5, the more you’ll feel freedom flowing through you. Take it all in!

I think it’s important to challenge your own thinking on this, and take a little risk. You have a sense of what you want, AND you probably have a sense of what you’re afraid might happen if you get it!

When you become ALL of you, you start to become a beacon for others – beaming your light into the world. When does that happen? Who are you with?

Are you also aware of people or places in your life when you feel like you are shrinking so that someone else might feel better?

Are you FREE from worrying about what others think about your SHINE. One risk you might try is showing up as a Shiny Human when you’re expected to be your regular-old-self.

I love Marianne Williamson’s quote about our deepest fear, “…there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine… As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” When we can shine with our WHOLE being and without worry, we are free.

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