Leadership: Workshops and Presentations

Customized presentations and workshops enable dynamic discussions. By utilizing the groups’ energy and ideas to create innovative solutions, participants will leave feeling engaged and more focused than when they arrived, with a new approach in their back pocket. Have fun, work hard, wrap it up!

A customized presentation, facilitated by an engaging and inclusive speaker, is a great way to energize your group.

21st Century Leadership

Gallup estimates that companies with engaged employees outperform others by up 202% ! Communication and interaction skills are the very heart of your organization. Your people matter! In this workshop, you will learn the best ways to build trust, delegate and have fun at work every day.  Check out my notes on this:   So, You Think You’re a Good Leader?  or  Engaged, Valued and Happy  or No One is You-er Than You

The main reason it’s so important for companies to prepare new leadership in a volatile world of change is significantly based upon our human drive for survival. Neuroscience tells us that when change occurs (in work or in life) we are forever in search of threats and protection. Our need for information is significantly heightened making transparent communication critical. In the absence of knowledge we create information or activities that may not be truthful, or make up stories that won’t benefit anyone.

What I’ve found is that when organizations develop and train internal coaching teams who can respond to this process they are able to walk the leadership talk, and equip employees with a group of trusted advisors within the “storm.”  The ability to perform with autonomy increases drastically. Conflicts are resolved quickly because coaching ambassadors use proven tools that work to manage change, and sidestep the chaos.

Posts on Change Management: Action Changes Things  or  All We Gotta Do Is Change 


Strategic Planning & Communication

In this workshop, you’ll develop a strategic roadmap by answering just five questions! Understand the roles and responsibilities involved while developing concrete actions toward your destination. Create your customized change trajectory and reach your goals in the way you want to!  Check out my notes on this: Am I Missing Something?  or  Do I Have to Ask? 


One Life

Work and life happen in just one life! Happiness and well-being are precursors to success and results. When you learn what daily practices you need to stay balanced and effective, you’ll be able to shift your precious time and energy to exactly where you want it to be. You’ll take away tools that will become your foundation for YOUR BEST SELF. Check out my notes on this: Cross the Border to Your Ideal Life  or  A Whole New World Requires a Whole New Skill

Life Space

In this highly interactive workshop we’ll rework your space, at work or home. Your environment is a direct reflection of your inner world. Clutter means limited; clear means open. We’ll address both internal and external spaces to reflect the look and feel of your ideal life – the epitome of interior design, and one of my favorites! Check out my notes on this:  Clean Your House Clear Your Head 

Corporate Group or Private Yoga Classes, On-Site

There’s a reason yoga has become so popular in our culture! Self awareness and mindfulness through yoga significantly reduces stress, facilitates better sleep habits, enhances focus, builds strength, and develops overall feeling of happiness and well-being. I’d love to challenge you or your team to try a set of classes, and see how you feel!

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