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Over the past winter, I worked with Lori on a weekly basis. I love the early morning session, it was such a refreshing way to start my day!  The work that Lori and I did together was integral in helping me jump-start my late 20s.  Lori listened, challenged me, and held me accountable.  She helped me to find my direction and, most importantly, she led me to discovering my answers to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions that so often scared me.

I credit Lori for my recent promotion at work, my clarity in choosing and applying to a graduate school program, and my overall happiness.  I feel light again!  For anyone wondering about whether or not to work with Lori, I say go for it – you will not be disappointed.


Lead Teacher, Reggio Emilio Early Childhood Program

It’s always difficult to quantify a person relative to their work, but in Lori’s case I’d say it comes down to a single word: Quality. Lori is an adept listener with the rare skill of actually collecting what she hears, putting it into context, and creating workable solutions and actionable advice. In every situation where I posed a request of Lori, many in “crisis” mode, her response was always thoughtful, timely, and highly professional.

Every time I attended events in which Lori facilitated, it was clear a great deal of thought went into inviting the right people to generate the right amount of dialogue, at the right level. Her engaging manner is always a catalyst for conversations that enhance a meeting or event even more.

David Cappuccio

Managing Vice President, Gartner Research, Inc.

Lori developed and led a global analyst team for seven years. Her professional leadership within the company and analyst community was based upon building strong, trustworthy relationships while driving intelligent actions. She is a capable communicator who’s not afraid to address problems or have difficult conversations, and her communication style plays a significant role toward finding resolution and influencing participants

Aaron Davis

Former Chief Marketing Officer, Global Fortune 500, Speaker & Author

Lori’s enthusiasm for challenges, and intellect for solving them, are traits I saw each time we met, first and foremost.

Her listening skills are astounding and she has those in spades!

People follow her because they know as a leader she cares deeply about their future.

Chief Executive Officer

Small Business Entrepreneur

Lori helped me to develop coping tools for remaining calm and logical in stressful, difficult scenarios. She helped me to identify just what I wanted and needed in my life now; and then assisted me in planning to pursue those paths.

I am grateful for her insight and guidance to pursue what I wanted and needed in my life. I now regularly consider my own inner wisdom, and proceed accordingly.



Lori helped me immensely through a very difficult transition. As an accountant and single mother of three, she coached me to realize a work/life balance and self-care regimen that changed my entire family’s connection to each other. I was able to see what was happening and create a home sanctuary for all of us, as well as feeling ready to tackle my day. If you’re in a tough place, she will shepherd you through – pure and simple!


Private Client

I want to work with you!

Executives, managers, employees, women, men, young, mature, will all benefit from knowing themselves better, embracing every part, and jumping on the ride that is your life.