It’s that of time year again… when we reflect on what’s been done and visualize the promise of what’s to come. I prefer to look at the big picture so I can see the full trajectory of what’s been achieved as a basis for what will come next. I’m stepping back to view the first three years of LG Coaching and let you know what’s coming for 2019. Let me know what you think.
In my first three years of self-employment, like all business owners, I endured continuous change; and even though I actually love change I’ve hung on tightly. Sometimes it felt like riding an angry dragon, and at other times it was like strolling on a beautiful horse through a wide-open field. Sometimes money poured in, and at other times not so much. It’s the tyranny of self-employment, I’ve heard.
When I first “hung my shingle” I was regularly retained for one-on-one coaching. My goal was to have twelve sessions a week – and it started out like that.
Then I thought about how I could grow my business without having to be present all the time. The idea came to me while vacationing with my kids, taking coaching calls when I wanted to be with them. It felt like a great time to invest in my business for the long haul.
I certainly underestimated the intensity of this idea. Creating a digital coaching program, RightLife RuleBook, took one full year in the making. I learned so many things I didn’t know how to do, and many I won’t do again. But although there were many times when my commitment waned, I kept putting one foot in front of the other. Today it’s done and selling.
With RightLife RuleBook, I reinvested a good deal of my regular coaching income to “get ‘er done.” It required photography, videos, creation of worksheets, audio visualizations, a new website and so much more. I’m so proud of this work because it’s the foundation for anyone who wants to become the leader of their life.
The shift in my attention created a shift in my practice. It made sense, and I don’t know how it happened but I was called for more corporate & group coaching work. It meant getting dressed in something other than yoga pants! There was a pivotal day, in fact, where I bought some new jeans and decided – as the boss – that I could comfortably wear those. Something about women’s “no-pocket” slacks made me crazy! But I digress…
I was completely energized by this new work – partnering with executives to find their unique communication style, working with teams inside their place of business, strategizing the best ways to solve problems, tell their story, and embrace their strategic vision for success. Now this was right up my alley!
At the beginning of 2018, this business-centric work began to balance out the individual work, and I was asked to partner with a media company to focus on business communications. I met Scott Indermaur while creating RightLife RuleBook and we began brainstorming new ideas that integrated business coaching and communications with a multi-media offer. Indermaur Media established Visual Thrive: combining our decades of professional expertise in media and marketing to enhance and expand a business’ unique brand.
Storytelling is and has always been, the best way to deliver a company’s vision. Starbucks focuses on a story of hanging out in an Italian café, Dunkin’ Donuts tells us to keep going – Run on Dunkin’. One of our clients, McCormick Home Improvement, conveys partnership and trust in your contractor will truly create the Home you want with ease.
What’s your company’s story?
I see the trajectory. I look forward to supporting both individuals and businesses with strong coaching and courageous communications in 2019. Let’s talk!