Trust me, creating a life you love does NOT mean turning everything upside down and ripping your heart out – but sometimes that’s what it takes. We often wait until our lives back us into a corner, before we start to make a change. Our logical thinking minds will ruminate every possible outcome, and placing blame for why we find ourselves here in this most unsatisfying place. This isn’t what life was supposed to be about!

It’s at this point in our lives, when we begin to take a hard look at what the heck is happening around us, and why we feel so completely negative and incompetent – it’s a critical juncture. But nothing will change if you sit frozen in fear, or if you sit back at all.

You must begin to peel layer after layer away. The band-aids that have kept you together must be peeled with pain or with joy. But those pieces need to go away, or you won’t have the space to welcome all the new stuff, and all the new learning! It’s magnificent!

Can you imagine a life that asks of you everything you have to offer it? Can you imagine working at something that fires you up every damn day!?  Can you imagine feeling the fear, using your tools, lessening the intensity of your fear and smoothing your path to freedom – Slowly and steadily?

And as the author of your story – cause nobody’s going to write your story for you –  you own all the choices. We can choose limiting beliefs we need not believe, or we can simply choose not to believe them.

But that moment when you step forward and find your courage for that important first leap; it’s the same moment you shift your authority as your life’s author, and move toward a freedom and clarity that will blow your mind. It’s your choice, I’m just here to help!

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