A question career coaches get asked a lot is: “Should I stay or should I go?”

When we ponder this question for a long time, we stoke the fires of our internal angst, and find we either MUST move immediately (I QUIT!), or the moving happens to us (“We need to let you go”). But it’s usually what we wanted in the first place. It could go either way. Sometimes, to our surprise, it gets answered in one fell swoop.

Or we could decide to flip a coin. Heads means I’ll stay, tails means I’ll go. As the flipping begins we already know we want tails. We watch the coin, it bounces and flips and finally lands. Damn, it’s heads. But you already had you’re answer, right? No, I guess I’ll stay for a little while longer.

So, we make a list of Pros and Cons for “Stay.” We ask others and check out the balance of our list. Which one will outweigh the other? Pro or Con? Hmmm…not great. Let’s try a list for “Go.” I don’t really want to stay.

We tend to think the answer is out there somewhere, in our world. We talk to people who may have THE answer, we grapple with signs, and signals, and play a game inside ourselves that somehow is going to unveil our direction.

But you already knew what you wanted the minute that coin went up. If you missed it, do it again. It’s that second in time when you know what you want.

In  Module #4 of RightLife RuleBook we’ll find the answers you need to create a life that mirrors your passion and purpose. We’ll ditch this hemming and hawing about all the things that might happen, and all the disasters you’ll encounter. We’ll deal with the fact that your identity is all wrapped up in the job, even though the job has NOTHING to do with who YOU really are! Got it? Good. Cause there are more than a 10,000 ideal days waiting for you! (If you really think about that number, it’s a little scary…)

Now, once you finally leave that job, or get laid off, or take a breather before finding your next gig, the first and most important thing you must do is….. NOTHING.

You’ve gotten over the fear of being broke and homeless. You’ve come through whatever planned process you’ve come through and you are free. It’s time to do not a damn thing!

We’ll create the “After” plan: How to do nothing and create everything at the same time. When I left my job in the month of March, it took me until July to stop squirming. I wrote about it in a post called Assertive Surrender. I was so comfortable with being so busy and I didn’t see all the opportunities right in front of me, and god forbid I get comfortable. I had to keep producing! But I didn’t have anything that needed to be produced — yet. So I needed to learn how to be OK with feeling squirmy and uncomfortable.

We’ll also explore all the things you can do when you choose to do nothing! This opportunity is gold, don’t miss it!

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