As long as I’ve been involved in the marketing and communications arena – and that’s a long time – I’ve never been able to bundle marketing into 4 Ps, or 4Cs, or 7C’s, or whatever the latest trend and terminology was. The one rule that did make sense to me is: Get the right message to the right people at the right time.
My version of “proper” marketing, driven by intuition and connecting patterns,  is envisioning the big picture then working backwards. Start at the end, then figure out the steps and actions needed to get there, just like any other journey.
But, there are so many questions along the way! I hope this helps direct your journey.
Path: Is your path clear? Are people or things in your way? How will you get over the hurdles?
Partner: Do you need to partner with someone to get the information you need, or to deliver the best offer?
Pay: Are you being paid at your value? Are you self-employed and paying yourself first?
Perception: Is your perception actually your reality? Are you perceiving things as hard, when they could be easy? How?
Performance: Are you or your business performing where you want it?
People: Are you sharing and collaborating, or is ‘you’ enough? Are you hoarding information that could enhance the work?
Personal: Make it personal – period. But don’t take it personally.
Physical Evidence: What physical evidence do you have that things are working well? What do you need for your future?
Placement: Where is what you sell? Is it easy to access and buy? Where do you stand in your business?
Planning: Planning is everything. Start at the goal and work backwards.
Plug-Ins: Plug-ins? Be sure you have some. Less is more.
Portfolio: What collection of your work would you choose to highlight?
Position: Do you know where you are in market? Are you a leader or a laggard?
Post: This is a post. J Read posts, share posts, photos, videos, audio. Spread your wealth!
Practice: Do you take time to develop mastery over something and practice everyday?
Press: Share your knowledge, create a response. Do you know where your opportunities are?
Price: Is your offer a good value for your customer? Would your customer pay more?
Principles: Live what you believe. Values, ideas, beliefs, ethics…they all matter! What’s your #1 principle?
Process: When your process is in flow, it’s pure fun! Where are you in the process?
Product: What do you sell? Are you the product? Is your product a service?
Production: Are efficiencies and quality issues addressed? Can this be easier?
Programs: Do your programs bring profit? Do they align with your principles?
Promotion: How do you promote yourself? Are you educating and listening?
Publish: If you publish information, your business will expand. Is that true?
Pull: How do you pull people in? Are those streams fruitful? Can you easily manage them?
Push: Does your customer know you exist? Would a sample help?
Purpose: Why are you doing what you do? Do you know your purpose?
Phinished!!  Now that you have all the answers, you’re good to go!

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