Last week, someone on FaceBook asked, “What would you thank your Younger Self for?” My immediate response was “Extreme fearlessness… and surviving it.”

Do you remember cutting school? Driving without a license? Hanging out with people that you knew were wrong for you? Moving to a new place without connections? I’ve done all of that, and I’m guessing you’ve done some of it too.

I remember once, when I lived in Florida, I was trying to help out a guy who had just arrived from Germany. I was working weekends at hotel pool, selling Banana Boat suntan oil. Karl was staying there. He helped me pass the time as we chatted about Europe, and I avoided the hotel’s desire that I rub lotion on people. (That’s never gonna’ happen!)

Being who I am, I offered him a couch in the apartment I shared with two other girls. I thought nothing of it. It didn’t cross my mind to fear that anything would happen. I inadvertently dismissed the pinch of caution that nipped away at my inner wisdom. The tools I needed hadn’t shown up yet. And the only excuse I have is that neuroscience proves my mind wasn’t fully developed yet!  (Module #1: Passion Forward!)

He accepted the offer, and spent his time looking for a car, a job, and a place to live and work. It all seemed perfectly fine. My roommates and I all worked full time and went to school, but we showed him the local sites in the Orlando, Florida area too.

Then Karl began scrutinizing our lives, our clothes, and our food. I could sense a shift in the way he treated us. He didn’t like the way we dressed, he didn’t like our friends. I don’t think he liked that we had jobs, an apartment, and were getting degrees. He didn’t like our 20-something swagger. And in response, I wondered when he was going to leave as I slammed the door.

It’s the telltale sign. When someone tries to make those around them smaller, they are telling the world they are unhappy and insecure. They need NOT scrutinize others. The minute someone begins to evaluate you, or cut you down, is the minute you must move away from it. (Module #3/4: Passion Forward!)

For some reason, I sat Karl down and began to work a budget with him. At the law firm where I worked, one of my roles was to create Stipulations between the property management company we represented, and families who didn’t want to be evicted. I got to counsel families about their budget, and figure out how to make it work. We’d come an agreement, and my boss would take it to court. Win-win was my payoff!

I explained to Karl that he needed to understand where his money was going, but each line item in the budget was defended with an argument. I grew up in a family with the financial mindset of abundance. We planned, we acted, I learned, I still do that.

Having no plan will lead to random or no action. Money can be a hard nut to crack. We dredge up all the beliefs we’ve learned about money. Are they based in scarcity – there will never be enough, or abundance – there’s plenty for everyone! The meaning we GIVE money is actually the most meaningful. In other words, inspired actions stemming from a mindset of abundance will fuel you to take steps in the right direction. (Module #5: Passion Forward!)

I’m not sure what Karl expected; but two months in we asked him to go. When we arrived home from work, we found he tore every towel in half! It definitely took the edge off the situation. But he left, and we wished him well.

If you want to learn how to align your life’s work in a way that will help you soar, Passion Forward will teach you the best ways to move through change, or create change, in your life with steady paced action. It’s time to learn how to take your Passion Forward! It’s THE route to HAPPY EVERYTHING!

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