My son is not keen on technology. He rarely answers e-mail, is barely on FaceBook, and if I need to contact him, it’s usually via a few text messages or a phone call. Then we’ll chat for hours. He’s all about music and outdoor living and seems to be doing fine without the constant influx of the bad news we could experience on most days.

I remember one day, many years ago, he told me, “When the internet goes down, I’ll be doing the same thing I’m doing now, and chillin’ out while the rest of the world goes crazy.”  Just this week was enough bad news for a year of negativity; so I’m actually happy he doesn’t take this in. I sometimes wonder how our physical bodies hold it all. It just doesn’t end. I mean, Tom Petty died TWICE this week!

And though the rest of world is going crazy with the internet fully intact, it’s important for us to check our own behavior. It’s seriously important to stop the constant blaming and shaming we, as a culture, have decided to embrace.

So here’s one question: How? How will YOU stop? You may decide to stop blaming at all, because like gossip, it’s totally useless. You may decide to start loving those around you, and giving the best you’ve got, because we just learned yet again that we’ll never know our last day. You may decide that just because everyone else does it, it’s still not going to serve you AT ALL.

First thing. Decide. Decide how you want to show up in your life. Decide who you want to be every single day. Decide to check in with yourself. If you need help, call me.

Because when it all falls away, we are left here (or not) with each other in a place we won’t know. “We keep running to find that saving grace.”  And damn, we had it all along… We have it right now.

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